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Dear Mr. Wisnu and his family.
Thank you so much for everything. I had an amazing experience while I'm there. I had learnt Indonesian culture and lang...


This is a great workaway if you are new to teaching and want some hands-on experience, or if you want to experience small-town life in this part of Mo...


This was my first workaway experience. I didn't know what to expect. I got the opportunity to spend two weeks in the school in Kampot and 2 weeks in t...


I didn’t stay with Mie but when I contacted her, she was nice enough to offer me to stay with a family she knows and I loved it ! Everyone was so nice...


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Volunteer Teaching Abroad

Education is a passport to freedom for so many around the globe. It is the key to a better future and one that you can be a part of by volunteering to teach abroad. From hostels to homestays, schools to sports camps, there are so many ways you can teach abroad and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Teaching abroad is one of the most popular yet diverse volunteer projects that goes far beyond the walls of a classroom. Whether you are a recent TEFL graduate, a retired teacher with experience in abundance, or simply a student trying to get ahead of the competition, Workaway can help find the volunteer teaching project for you.

From computer skills to conversation classes, maths to music, you can volunteer teaching abroad in so many ways. All while immersing yourself in a new culture and influencing the minds of future generations.

Why volunteer teaching with Workaway?

According to the United Nations, more than half of all children and teens are not achieving the minimum proficiency levels in reading and maths. This means the demand for teachers is at an all-time high. Yet, the issue with teaching is that in order to get a job you need experience, but to get the experience you need a job.

That’s where Workaway comes in.

Workaway offers over 50,000 opportunities with local communities, families and individuals across 170 countries. Every single one of these experiences allows you the opportunity to share your skills, knowledge, and time. Isn’t that what a teacher does every day?

While not every Workaway experience is in a formal classroom setting as such, there are thousands of teaching abroad opportunities where you can showcase your skills and gain new ones. Alongside this, there are many benefits to volunteering with Workaway:

  • Learn from experts in the field – In order to qualify as a teacher you usually need to graduate from college or university. This unfortunately is a privilege that not everyone can afford. With Workaway however, you can gain hands-on experience, working alongside experts in the teaching profession without the pressure or expense of a costly course.

    Unlike other volunteering platforms, we do not charge expensive agency fees per project. Instead, it is a nominal fee for an annual membership. This gives you the freedom to embrace as many projects as you wish within that time.

  • Test Drive Teaching – As well as the expense, devoting four years of your life to a subject is also a massive commitment. What if you graduated then discovered teaching wasn’t for you? Workaway is the perfect stepping stone to your dream job as it allows you to test drive teaching or switch up subjects before the time and financial commitment of a degree.

  • More free time – On the topic of time, the majority of Workaway experiences require a much lower time commitment than an actual teaching role would. Usually around 20 hours per week. This means you have much more freedom to get to know your students and community, more time to explore your surroundings, and truly immerse yourself in the culture.

  • Boost your CV – Struggling to find your dream teaching job? It’s no secret job hunting is a competitive world, especially in today’s climate. Instead, search for similar teaching abroad opportunities via Workaway. This will allow you to gain experience in the meantime which will put your CV top of the pile when your dream role does pop up. It will show potential employers you thought outside the box and didn’t just sit there waiting for your dream role to find you – you went out and made it happen!

  • Global membership – Teaching roles are often dictated by location. For example, the demand for Spanish teachers won’t be as high in Scotland as it is in Spain. When you volunteer teaching abroad, the world really is your oyster. Your options will no longer be restricted by your location as Workaway offers opportunities in over 170 countries. This also means you can live with not only other teachers but even your students, offering an immersive experience like no other.

  • Join solo, as a couple, or as a family – Teaching abroad doesn’t need to be a solo gig. In fact, with schools in particular, there is often a demand for a team of volunteers making it an ideal choice if you want to join Workaway as a family, group or as a couple. We can also help you find a travel buddy if you want to meet others to bounce ideas off of or adventure with.

  • No experience? No problem – One of the many joys with teaching abroad as a volunteer is that experience is not always necessary. Whether you’re fresh out of high school, or a retiree, your perfect host is just a few clicks away. While some volunteer teaching projects require specific skills the majority just ask for enthusiasm and passion for your subject, so what are you waiting for?

What could I teach as a volunteer with Workaway?


For those who are keen to volunteer teaching abroad, teaching a language is one of the most popular options. Regardless of what your native language may be, there will be others around the world ready to learn it.

If you’re ready to travel the world as a language teacher, volunteering is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door. Access to language lessons can be expensive or limited due to geographic location which heightens the demand for volunteers.

Workaway offers opportunities to teach many different languages, but the most in demand is English. Many communities crave the ability to read, write and speak in English as it is the key to massive economic potential.

For the majority of Workaway experiences teaching a language, a qualification or degree is not essential. However, if you plan on teaching English a TEFL certificate does help. The most important skills to have are fluency, patience, and a genuine enthusiasm for languages.

Sports Education

Sport is one of the most rewarding subjects to teach because regardless of background, language or religion, sports bring people together. Sports education also opens conversations about health, fitness, teamwork and leadership which are essential for a thriving population.

If you are keen to volunteer teaching sports, it is likely you will be working with children but not all projects are based in schools. You could teach any sport from surfing to skiing, yoga to volleyball. There are opportunities in hostels, camps, communities and even homestays where volunteers are needed to organise matches, events, or teach new sports.

Music Education

Music is a special universal subject as it’s present in every country and culture. It is a language we can all understand but one that still requires educators and talented volunteers. Whether you’re a passionate pianist or a Jazz genius, your musical talents could help so many students around the world.

One of the many joys of teaching music abroad is that you will also learn traditional music from locals so it’s a wonderful way to broaden your skills while you share your knowledge with others.

The Arts

Alongside music, there are other ways to volunteer teaching The Arts. This includes teaching painting, sculpture, film, dance, photography, or theatre. If you dream of turning your creativity into a career there are many inspirational Workaway locations that nurture the artist in us.

Volunteer teaching photography or film is a great way to build a portfolio, ready to apply for jobs when you return. Teaching theatre and dance can also be incredibly rewarding, especially as you’ll gain perspective into trends and traditions from other countries. Again, this will set you apart from other candidates when you apply for roles in this competitive industry.

Computer/IT skills

We are living in an increasingly digital world but our computer skills are often something we take for granted. There are communities around the world that are struggling to progress and broaden career options due to their lack of computing knowledge.

If you are confident with software such as Microsoft Word or Excel, there are thousands of volunteer projects that would benefit from your computer literacy skills. If you possess specific skills such as coding, social media, web building or SEO these could also massively help small businesses and communities to grow and thrive.

More Ideas…

We have merely scratched the surface on subjects that you could volunteer teaching abroad. You could also volunteer to teach science, maths, cooking or art. Volunteer with adults, kids, communities or even Homeschooling with Workaway. It can also be particularly rewarding to volunteer with students with special needs or those from disadvantaged backgrounds who would not otherwise have access to free education.

Can You Teach Abroad Without Experience?

Absolutely! Do not let your lack of degree or experience prevent you from volunteering to teach abroad. Workawayers are the perfect teachers for the unschooled, and there are so many other ways you can prove you bring the passion, enthusiasm, and patience that a teacher needs without having previous experience in front of a classroom.

Have you helped younger siblings learn a new skill? Did you tutor your neighbours’ kids? Do you share blogs or social media content about your subject? Any experience at all where you relate to younger people and can showcase your caring, positive outlook will appeal to hosts regardless of how much formal teaching experience you have.

How to Find Teaching Abroad Volunteer Opportunities

Now we’ve inspired the first step, it’s time to search for volunteer opportunities teaching abroad. There are three easy ways to find your dream opportunity using the Workaway website.

  1. Host Type – School

    If you are interested in teaching abroad in a school, then you can search for this host type specifically. Simply tick the box for “host type – school” from the options. Volunteering in a school is one of the best ways to gain hands-on teaching experience, but also to quiz other teachers on their techniques.

    Witnessing other teaching styles and being part of a variety of learning environments is hugely beneficial to those who are planning a career in education. While some volunteer opportunities in schools ask you to lead lessons, others allow you to support teachers, plan events or assist with IT, admin and even DIY behind the scenes – the options are genuinely endless!

  2. Look for the SDG icon

    Adopted by the United Nations in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals that the UN is committed to working towards with the hope of creating lasting positive change and freedom in the general areas of People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership.

    Quality Education is #4 of the UN’s SDG’s so once you hit search, look for hosts with the colourful SDG icon or the red icon on their profile. This means they support the UN’s mission to help eradicate poverty, hunger, violence, fear and disease via these SDG’s. The aim of the goals is to replace these world issues with equality, sanitation, education and physical, mental and social well-being.

    Not only is it incredibly rewarding to be part of supporting these goals, but it is a great conversation starter in interviews and a unique addition to your CV.

  3. Filter

    As well as the two methods above, another way to find volunteer teaching opportunities is when you search on the host list use the filter option to select “help with teaching.” We have thousands of hosts looking for help with teaching so you’re guaranteed to find one that matches your skills and goals.

    Don’t forget you can also filter by keywords so try terms you are interested in such as “teaching music, classroom help, teach French, work with children” etc. That way, you tailor the search results to be a list of your dream projects.

Tips For Applying For Teaching Volunteer Opportunities

So you’ve found your dream volunteer teaching opportunity, now it’s time to apply. Firstly, check out our Workaway profile tips to ensure your profile is optimised and stands out from the crowd .

Secondly, don’t let a lack of classroom experience hold you back, hosts are interested to hear from anyone with transferable skills such as:

  • Experience working with young people and/or children
  • Genuine enthusiasm for new cultures/travel
  • Passion for a particular subject. Eg. IT, Language, Cooking, Sport.
  • Punctuality/organisation/planning skills

Mention any of these skills when applying for teaching abroad opportunities to demonstrate what you can bring to their learning environment. Don’t forget to mention what your own goals are too, that way your host can be extra sure you align with their team.

For example, perhaps you’d love to lead your own class or have a particular art project you’d like kids’ input with, maybe you’re hoping to improve your confidence speaking a second language or are hoping to apply to university.

Remember, volunteering with Workaway is a cultural exchange so it’s important both you and your host's expectations are met. Having an up to date profile and thoughtful initial email will set you up for success when applying for teaching opportunities.

What will I gain from volunteer teaching abroad?

In exchange for your time, experience and enthusiasm there is so much you will gain as a volunteer teacher. This includes:

  • A variety of teaching skills – What better ways to learn different teaching techniques than volunteering in classrooms around the world? Future employers will also appreciate that you’ve adapted to various learning environments and have experience teaching to pupils with a diverse range of religions, backgrounds and languages.

  • Contribute to a brighter future – As Nelson Mandela once wisely put, “Education is the most powerful weapon. You can use it to change the world.” and this could not be more true! According to the UN, Over 265 million children are currently out of school and 22% of them are of primary school age. This is why volunteers are vital. Education improves quality of life as it can help equip locals with the tools and skills to thrive independently. Words cannot describe how rewarding it is to witness your students use what they've learned from you and put it into practice.

  • Learn as well as teach – It’s no secret that we can try to teach kids all about life, but it’s actually children that teach us what life is about. You’ll discover teaching is a great way to keep learning through kids’ endless questions, daily repetition and others’ understanding. You’ll learn new things about your subject every single day!

    When you’re a volunteer teacher with Workaway it’s so much more than handing out homework and sharing facts. You are welcomed into a community. The line between teacher and student is blurred as you share stories, food, chores and homes - you become part of a family not an institution.

  • See more of the world – If you really want to teach anywhere in the world, volunteering will open up a huge range of possibilities. Whether you dream of Teaching in Morocco, or Malaysia, teach in the Amazon rainforest or a Colombian language school - with Workaway you can do it all! It’s also a little easier as a volunteer as the visa rules for paid positions can be more strict and restrictive, meaning more opportunities around the world.

  • Help you get employed/ into university – we’ve touched on this already, but volunteer teaching experience is a great way to impress potential employers or boost your university application. You can also create a reference letter with help from your hosts’ feedback which will help you stand out from the crowd.

How to get started as a volunteer teacher

You’ve learned about the benefits, expectations and the types of teaching abroad opportunities waiting for you, so how do you get started?

  1. Join – Start by signing up for a membership.You can sign up solo or join with your bestie, as a family or even as a group. Fun fact, each sign up will also add a tree to the Workaway forest. Then use the tips above to perfect your profile. Don’t forget to include photos that showcase your ability to work with children, present in front of a crowd, enjoy working as a team or passion for your chosen subject.
  2. Connect –Now the admin is done, it’s time for the fun part - finding your host! Use the tips above to filter by keyword, location, host type or skill. Favourite a few hosts then it’s time to connect. It’s important you personalise your initial message. Show your potential host why you’re the perfect fit for their team and what you hope to learn in exchange. You want to stand out and that little extra effort will go a long way.
  3. Pack your bags – Once the specifics are agreed with your host, it’s time to pack your bags, organise travel insurance and head for the airport. Don’t forget our practical tips on how to teach abroad as a volunteer for the most fulfilling experience!