Travelling responsibly in the face of climate change

At Workaway we are committed to travelling sustainably and we want to do all we can to take responsibility for our own carbon footprint.

Whilst we believe in all the amazing things we can benefit from travelling, we also know that it is not always as beneficial for the environment. Taking a flight, going on a roadtrip or even a train journey leaves behind a carbon footprint that we all hold a responsibility for! The good news is we can all do something to offset this and travel carbon neutral!

Workaway is proud to partner with Ecologi where we want to take a positive step forward in doing our part to slowing down and one day reversing climate change. It might seem like a huge unsolvable issue, but we believe that if we all play a small part together, we can make a real difference.

How we give back

Being a leading community for conscious travellers, we want to enable and encourage everyone of us in our travel community, as well as our friends and employees to do the same. Each month our team members at the Workaway office commit to planting over 1000 trees to go towards reducing our own personal carbon footprint.

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of climate impact
45913 Trees
planted in our forest
332 t
of carbon reduction

How you can help too...

From this point forward, we will be offering to plant a tree for every new active user on the workaway platform. We are also enabling all of our hosts and workawayers to easily play their part in offsetting their own carbon footprint by planting more trees in the Workaway forest.

The trees we plant are in regeneration projects throughout different areas of the world Including Madagascar, Kenya, Morocco, Uganda, Ecuador and many more...
You can get involved, plant more trees and read more about each project by clicking on the trees in our Workaway forest here.

Our ultimate mission

We aim to plant over a million trees in the Workaway forest! With a little input and the right intention from every traveller and host in the community, we can make a real positive impact together.

A million tress will help offset approximately 102766.67 tonnes of CO2e, which is the equivalent of 79,050 long haul flights*! It is not just magic, it’s also a real testimony to our community whilst creating a long lasting legacy that will be left way beyond our travels and adventures. With over thousands of trees already planted and counting, what more incredible things could we achieve if more of you decided to join us on our journey?