How we have been trying to help

As a travel community we know the last couple of years have been a very challenging and confusing time for everyone. With COVID now in the rear view mirror, we have all had a part to play in helping each other to get through.

Right at the start of the crisis, we donated over $35,000 USD to frontline charities whose personnel were and are putting their lives at risk to protect us all. These include the International Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières and the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. We hope that our donations have been able to play a part in helping with these organisations' tireless work across the globe.

Although for most of us, life has now slowly returned to normal. It is still very important that we remember and continue the shared values that Workaway was created with, by coming together as a global community to be part of a better world.

Travel questions…

While we're very optimistic that the storm has passed, we recognise that as we all readjust to a post COVID life you may still have questions or concerns about Workawaying while respecting local travel restrictions.

Unfortunately, with the ever-changing circumstances of the pandemic, and host listings in over 170 different countries, it is impossible for us to provide accurate information for each individual. If you are unsure about up to date local COVID restrictions we would strongly advise you to contact the relevant local embassy.

It is also a great idea to reach out and ask your host directly, or check their profile - we’ve seen that our hosts have been doing a great job updating their listings to provide what information they can about their local situation.

To help protect yourself and your local community, if you fall ill during your trip it is extremely important to maintain social distancing where appropriate and refrain from activities that will put yourself and the people around you at risk.

A more thoughtful approach to travel

We're a small international team who run this collaborative website, we were also caught up in this as both travellers and hosts. We worked from home, keeping the site running from our living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens to allow continued access for our members worldwide.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we received many enquiries asking if our hosts are still accepting Workawayers and we were happy to say that they definitely were! Now that the borders are back open, it’s never been a better time to join the site and start making contacts straight away ;) Apart from the thousands of hosts in over 170 countries, our team continues to put new hosts online every day, around the clock.

What has kept us going the most have been the wonderful stories we’ve been hearing from you! From hosts who helped out stranded travellers, to Workawayers who stayed to support more vulnerable hosts through the quarantine, we have been so overwhelmed by the generosity shown by our community.

Some volunteers took this opportunity to rediscover their own country and countries nearby. Being able to resume our travel plans is undoubtedly a huge privilege, and we are grateful that the pandemic has allowed us some time to pause and reflect on the future of travel going forward. Instead of rushing to move onto our next bucket list destination, it should be more important now than ever to approach travel more thoughtfully, with more meaningful connections in mind. It is very clear to us that travelling mindfully is a much healthier way forward for both ourselves and the planet.

We are hopeful that 2023 is going to be a good year filled with adventures. At Workaway, we also hope that the covid-19 pandemic we’ve all been though does not only show us a more meaningful approach to travel, but also a place where hosts and travellers can continue to find a sense of community in the most inclusive way!

Our donations include:

Medecins sans frontieres

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

International Committee of the Red Cross