Learn new skills whilst making a positive impact on the communities you visit

Gain valuable life experiences whilst travelling. Support thousands of local projects.

Workaway is an ideal way to develop new skills in your area of interest. With over 50,000 opportunities around the world it's a great opportunity to try something new and discover where your passions lie. Whether volunteering at an NGO or helping alongside locals, it's an opportunity to learn and use real life practical skills as part of your gap year or working holiday. It can also add a great feature for your CV or resume. Hosts can also leave you feedback which you can export and print into an official Workaway reference letter to use in a future job application.

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Learn new skills and contribute to projects trying to make a positive impact around the world. Find more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals here:

UN Goals

Read stories from Workawayers who have developed new skills while making a positive difference as part of their travels

  • about 5 min
The workawayer who discovered a passion for painting en-route and now can’t stop!

After ten months workawaying Aude is on a non-stop mission to leave a trail of inspirational murals behind her as she travels around the globe on a one way ticket. Some of her friends call her “an artwork machine“, because when she starts painting she is in the zone and there is no stopping her…!

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  • about 6 min
Volunteering on a farm: A city girl’s learning experience

In our brand-new ‘Workaway Ambassadors’ blog series, they will share their volunteering stories, travel hacks, tips and more to inspire you. Next up is the story of Workaway Ambasssador Nina (teamed up to travel together with Giuse), a born-and-raised city girl who left the comforts of home to experience life in rural Chile. Her story truly illustrates the transformative power of travel and cultural exchange!

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See the diverse range of help and learning opportunities available on Workaway:


Share your knowledge. Are you a retired teacher wanting to give back? Or a TEFL trainee teacher who is who is looking to spend time in different cultures during your travels? From rural schools in Africa to paid positions at centres in Europe, there has never been a better time to share your knowledge and teach a new language.

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Help with Computers/ Internet

Not everyone is a computer expert! However helping someone set up an email address or showing them how to use Skype can make a huge difference to their lives. You can also share your blogging skills, help set up a website for the host's project or tell them about your experience as a digital nomad travelling the world.

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Art projects

For creative spirits, there are many chances to display your skills or try your hand at something new. From murals to mosaics or helping with your host's ongoing projects there are always hosts looking for creative help. If you want learn a new creative skill this could be the ideal moment.

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Language practice

Whether you are looking to learn a new language or teach others, it's a great way of meeting people. Check out our language learning page to find out more. Learning a new language while helping out is one of the the best ways to improve quickly and develop useful vocabulary. This allows you to make new friends and quickly integrate into a new culture.

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Charity work

Workaway lists thousands of charities and NGOs who are looking for volunteers. From helping with animals or supporting local projects, every little helps. Workaway supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, allowing hosts to showcase the goals they are trying to achieve to help benefit the world around them.

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There's a number of working holidays and paid positions listed on Workaway from hostels to BnBs. If you have a working holiday visa and want to gain experience or learn more about hospitality or tourism there are some amazing opportunities. Make sure to discuss the wage directly with your host so you are happy with the arrangements before starting.

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Animal care

Have you always wanted to protect wildlife or support conservation projects around the world? If so there's many unique opportunities to support and help with animal care. If you are looking for something less exotic and closer to home then there are also lots of amazing equestrian opportunities or even pet sitting options on Workaway.

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Help around the house

If you are looking to get involved with family life there's lots of options to help out with fun family projects; From making a new chicken coop to helping paint a new mural in the playroom or walking the dog. Join the thousands of Workawayers who have enjoyed spending time integrating and living with a local family while experiencing a cultural exchange.

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Help with Eco projects

From natural earth house building to permaculture projects there are a huge variety of opportunities to develop and learn new skills which you can take back and try out at home. If you've always wanted to learn how to grow organic produce in your garden or build a low impact home, now is your chance!

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Farmstay help

Do you live in the city and wonder what it would be like to have your own piece of land with animals in the countryside? Why not try it out by helping out on a farm. Workaway has a variety of different types of farming projects, from homesteading to paid working holiday opportunities around the world. If you are thinking of starting a farm, or curious about what it takes, why not get real life experience while staying with a local family?

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General Maintenance

From DIY projects to making an amazing mosaic pathway, there are plenty of smaller tasks which you can help with around the home. Perhaps fixing the dog kennel to helping to restore a traditional sailing boat for a local sailing charity are more suitable for you? If you have practical skills or are just willing to show enthusiasm then there are lots of hosts who'd love to welcome you into their homes.

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Creating/ Cooking family meals

Do you think that you cook a great curry? Or do you love experimenting in the kitchen? There are lots of families or individuals who would love to have someone to help bring new flavours from another country to their table. Preparing hearty meals for a homeless shelter or helping out with the family Sunday BBQ are also options. Do feel free to send us your culinary creations for the chance to be featured in the "Workaway foodie" section of the site.

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Elderly Companionship

Many older people have amazing stories to tell and just want someone to share their experiences with or have a chat over tea and biscuits. It can be very rewarding to make a new friend and find someone to learn from. Helping with simple tasks such as doing the shopping or a helping them get to the church or hairdresser, these little things can make such a huge difference to people's lives.

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Babysitting and creative play

Do you have younger siblings or cousins? Then you probably know how to keep kids entertained, from reading books to playing games and even the odd art project. There's no better way to integrate into a new place than with a local family. Whether it is teaching the kids a new language or even how to surf, you probably have lots of skills that would be ideal for sharing and teaching.

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Ever wanted to learn how to build a geodesic dome or a natural cob house? Have you ever painted a lighthouse? Or slept under the stars in an outdoor camp you have built for a local hiking group? Now is your chance! You will be amazed by the variety of projects and real life skills you can learn with Workaway while travelling abroad or even locally closer to your home.

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Perfect for those with green fingers. Do you enjoy being outside or digging in the garden? From helping an elderly person to get rid of the weeds in their garden to supporting an organic planting project, if you have gardening skills or are looking to learn about this then you are in the right place.

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