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The spirit of Workaway is based upon cultural exchange. All hosts choosing to be part of this community provide a welcoming, friendly atmosphere for their visitors. This enables both hosts and helpers to benefit from sharing experiences, knowledge and skills.

Hosts running a business (or asking for help with a business activity) should provide accommodation and pay at least the minimum wage in their country for all hours worked. Although we still encourage shared meals as a way to enjoy a cultural exchange, hosts paying a wage can ask helpers to be responsible for their own food expenses.

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Please add as much information as you can regarding your place here. Think about what makes it an attractive place for people to come and help you

Including descriptive info about the help you need is really important. Workawayers will want to know if their skills are appropriate when they decide to contact you so try to be as clear and thorough as possible here

Think about what you can offer as cultural exchange, what aspects of your place, area or life would you consider to be especially interesting or unique to a visitor? Remember, Workaway's primary mission is to promote cultural exchange and learning

Try to include a good description of where Workawayers will be staying and sleeping. It's best to include as much detail as you can here and it's also a good place to mention how food will work

We kindly ask you NOT to add your URL, email, or telephone number here.

Ideal for info about the area or perhaps about your previous experiences. Maybe talk a little about how you like to live your life and about expectations of other people living in or around your home

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